Frigående kvinnor inomhus
Mc Freeman's Happy Barn (2019)

In a reality where women are kept trapped and their menstrual blood is taken for consumption, we follow one of these women, L. But what happens when L no longer can produce blood?

Mc Freeman’s Happy Barn is an animated short film set in an alternate universe exploring issues of human morality.

Södra vakthuset
The southern gatehouse (2016)

Södra vakthuset (The Southern Gatehouse) is an animated short film made by animation students at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Stockholm, 1940’s. Beckomberga psyciatric hospital is housing thousands of patients. At its southern border lies a gate and a small gatehouse. Countless people pass through over the decades. But eventually the hospital closes down, and the area begins to change.

CO (2017)

CO is a short film, stop motion animated to the peice IV Ouverture Air by Johann Joseph Fux. The film had its premiere at Gothenburg Puppetry and Animation film festival 2017.